Our Mission:

We exist to develop meaningful fact-based analytics that drives business solutions

Our Vision:

Hamilton Numbers will continue to frame and solve the present and future AI, data analytics, and machine learning challenges for our clients. Given the global industrial and social trends, we are here to achieve the highest objectives for ourselves and our community.  

Our values:

  • Fact-based Analytics
  • Transparency
  • Methodology Diversity
  • Reliability
  • Community Impact


Emory Creel | Principal

I have been working with the entire data lifecycle for 25 years. I can effectively design and manage data projects at every stage, curate data, and create an information infrastructure.  I can match any analytic problem with the most appropriate report or analysis and, from my considerable experience, produce best-in-class, validated, and robust reports and analytics.

I have a master’s degree in physics, which, with my statistics degree, gives me a solid mathematical and problem-solving foundation. Both my educational focus and work experience have been fundamentally about analysis and problem-solving.

Additionally, creating and reporting solutions and insights must be communicated effectively to relevant stakeholders. I have worked in several disciplines and different organizational departments with individuals at nearly every level of skill and understanding. Great ideas are the culmination of a collective effort and not the product of a single individual. Also, I have taught complex ideas to graduate and undergraduate college and university students.

Natalia Gulius | Data Research Analyst

My strength is optimizing the entire cycle of the strategic management decisions implementation and supporting organizational changes among employees and administrators informed by data-driven insights. For instance, I collaborated with the Assessment Associate Directors on strategic sessions, maintaining data collection, assessment self-study projects, and coordinating Academy Sessions and Shared Competencies projects at Syracuse University. Also, I led strategic sessions and took part in the following projects: The Code of Ethics implementation; The Tutor Service management; and the IR annual organizational diagnostics and strategic sessions at the University and Science Library. As business communication and coaching trainer for senior executives and high-potential employees, I collaborated with several corporations in gas, bank, and nuclear industries: I worked with about 200 top managers, preparing them for a new management-level position with public speaking and communications training.

My bilingual/bicultural experience and professional organizational diagnostics work inform practical skills in Strategic Management and Institutional Data. In addition, I have a Ph.D. in Contemporary Narrative, a Master’s in Education Policy, Fulbright studies in Managerial Leadership, and certification in Assessment.

My colleagues credit me for my hunger to keep learning and my fortitude to immerse myself in changing circumstances, despite the ensuing difficulties. Thus, I would discuss new tasks you are working on!