Leverage the knowledge of individuals who have worked in 10 different industries, generating reports at all levels of an organization.  Hamilton Numbers will ensure your team members have the information they need to do their job.  We offer different levels of service support that work within your organization's budget.

Often, your best talent is working at their desks in the organization.  They understand the business.  They know the right questions to ask.  Though they don’t know it, they have internalized the data and implicitly understand it.   Many are looking for a way to answer the questions that they have.  Training your own employees to produce reports, especially graphics, can be the most cost-effective and empowering move a company can make.

Need the right reports and need them fast? Is everyone coming to meetings with their own version of the truth?  We can deliver best-in-class, validated, single truth reports using your platform and your software.  If we find it impossible to achieve your goal with the current structure, then we will design an expedient, inexpensive, and extensible solution that will dramatically improve you reporting capabilities.

Survey results can be easy to interpret, but they often produce multi-dimensional data with complex relationships that are difficult to distill. Hamilton Numbers will elevate the analysis and create a clear picture of your customers.

The data in your organization contains a fixed amount of information.  There are no models, super computers, or “Data Science Geniuses” that can extract more out of it.  Models are not magical.  However, outside of your organization there are reams of data that can be leveraged.  Where are these datasets and how useful are they?  Hamilton Numbers can solve this conundrum for you.

Your organization has hit a wall with your current data collection and there is no public or private dataset that will meet your needs.  Have you considered and Information of Things methodology?  This is an inexpensive hacker-like solution that could get the data that you need.  There is a plethora of IoT objects that exist or can be implemented and tapped.  It just requires a creative edge and a desire to make things work.

Data is about structure, and there is an appropriate data structure for every application.  How an organization sets up the data is paramount if it wishes to generate optimal analytics.  Small changes or a major refactorization may be necessary.

Hamilton Numbers will assess the data maturity of any department in your organization or the organization as a whole and develop a plan with stakeholders to reach the next level.