Data volume and structure are key elements regarding data storage for analysis. Data structure is the first factor to consider when developing your database plan.  From small agile databases to noSQL column-oriented, document, graph, or speedy key value data bases or to the large data structures using Spark and Hadoop, Hamilton Numbers will deliver the optimal storage for your analysis solution.

Hamilton Number has broad experience with various techniques available to analyze your data.   Whether mathematical, statistical, visual, or algorithmic, there is the best method to extract the information you need to know. Hamilton numbers will determine that method and implement it seamlessly into your decision structure to work on:

  • API
  • ETL
  • Coding

Industry leaders are leveraging data services to build modern applications, challenging the capabilities of traditional storage models. Automation and management through as-a-service platforms bring the agility and speed needed to support this new wave of storage consumers.

We can help you with:

  • Databases
  • Data warehouses

Data analysis is the most important part of information delivery.  Without experts, there is know way of knowing if your models are optimal or even accurate.  A bad analysis system can become embedded in the decision making structure of a company and exist there for years, doing more damage than good.  Hamilton Numbers leverages a company’s current knowledge base and uses transparent methodologies to bring the best answers possible.

We can work on:

  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Statistics
  • Modelling
  • Machine Learning

    • Data is fundamental to decision making. Nothing beats sufficient data. The best model or the best mathematician cannot correct a poverty of data. But your organization is swimming in data…so how much is useful? Hamilton Numbers will help you focus on the data that you need to make decisions. If there is insufficient data to develop a clear picture of your process or customer, then we can find the data that contains that information and make it available to you.
    • All of you processes seem to work smoothly, but for some reason it is difficult to get reports or metrics to measure them. Data used for analytics needs to be structured for analytics. We can bring data to the stakeholders so it can be used for decision making.
    • Need governmental or corporate data. APIs are a great way to augment your decision structure. We can pull data from all over the web. Data that is often free, and data that you can use to improve your business.
    • Need data regarding competitors? Even without direct data to measure, we can develop solid estimates you can rely on to measure the competition.